Cranes are a necessary part of many projects but having a crane active on-site is a situation requiring due diligence. Not only do they need to be monitored by skilled doggers, but crane operators need to be able to lift cargo effectively whilst avoiding hazards and obstacles, often without direct visual contact.

This makes it essential to have highly skilled operators guaranteeing safety to site staff, as well as cargo and already completed structures. However, operators are not always provided with cranes. We explore this below.

What is Dry Hire?

When choosing a crane to hire, you are presented with two options: wet or dry hire. Dry hire involves a crane being delivered to your site, but the act of supplying an operator is placed on you. Wet hire is the other option: a crane is delivered to your site with a highly trained and experienced team member for the duration of the rental. If your team already includes an experienced crane operator, you may choose dry hire – but if it doesn’t, wet hire comes highly recommended.

Like most decisions made on a worksite, choosing a wet or dry hire often is a matter of balancing the positives and negatives against your budget, your team, and your risk management.

Why Dry Hire?

At first glance, dry hiring can seem like a burden, one where you’d have to find someone highly experienced to do the job for you. However, dry hiring does have several benefits.


Renting a dry hire crane is significantly cheaper than wet hire because the payment is solely for the equipment, as opposed to both equipment and personnel hire. It may be more cost-effective to dry hire and then sub-contract a freelance operator for the job or see if one of your site members is qualified to operate a crane.

Personal Operator

Both wet and dry hire cranes have their own benefits. Using the same machine regularly means that operators have skill and expertise and are, as such, able to predict and avoid both issues caused by hazards and user-caused breakdowns. In that way, jobs will likely be completed with more confidence, making them quicker and safer.

However, choosing your own employee has numerous benefits. They would have been working on the project and would understand exactly what is needed and expected in operation. They would know other team members and be able to operate effectively with others, allowing them to predict and easily resolve or avoid issues. Alongside this increased effectiveness, the employee wouldn’t have to be briefed, which would save time and help the job be completed faster.

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