For materials handling on your worksite, backyard pool install, or any lifting job that requires a fast response, high lifting capacity and precision lifting, an all terrain crane is the universal work horse in the lifting industry. At Dixons Crane Services, our professional, expert teams keep our fleet of all terrain cranes in top condition, ready to get to work on your site, wet or dry hire. If you want the best trained teams, professional service and competitive pricing, Dixons Crane Service has your lifting solution sorted.


To have a crane active on site is to create a very necessary, but dangerous situation. Cranes require skilled doggers who help maintain control of the load, monitor swinging chains and issue instructions to the crane operator, and the crane operator themselves who are lifting cargo over or around obstacles, and often working without direct visual contact.

With such high risk activities, you want to have the most skilled operators in the cabin to guarantee that no site staff are injured, avoid damage is done to the cargo, or damage to already completed structures. When hiring cranes from Dixons Crane Service, to ensure skilled hands behind our equipment we offer the option of wet or dry hire.


Sometimes you don’t need a crane at just one location – you need it to be everywhere at once! Mobile cranes are mounted on trucks or crawlers that enable them to travel around and between construction sites, giving these all-purpose machines many advantages over traditional tower cranes. They can be hired from crane service companies along with specialised operators and crew.


Do you need to lift something in a tight space that regular cranes just can’t reach? Small cranes can fit everywhere and are perfect for many domestic and commercial construction projects. Keep reading to learn how these little beauties can save you time and money.

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If you are looking for the most professional crane team to complete your lifting job, or want to support a locally owned and operated crane company in Sydney, call Dixons Crane Service today. Our fully trained and experienced teams are ready to provide you with the first-class service, skilled lifting and efficient workmanship that we have built our reputation on.

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