Mobile Crane Hire

What Is Mobile Crane Hire?

Sometimes you don’t need a crane at just one location – you need it to be everywhere at once! Mobile cranes are mounted on trucks or crawlers that enable them to travel around and between construction sites, giving these all-purpose machines many advantages over traditional tower cranes. They can be hired from crane service companies along with specialised operators and crew.

Benefits of Mobile Crane Hire

Mobile cranes are incredibly versatile, and just one crane can be used to carry out a whole variety of different jobs. Mobile cranes are designed for maximum manoeuvrability and can work very effectively in tight spaces, which is especially helpful when servicing the cramped construction sites of metropolitan Sydney. They are also great at handling uneven and difficult terrain, and since they’re roadworthy vehicles they can be used to service multiple sites simultaneously and transport materials between sites. Mobile cranes don’t compromise on lifting capacity either, with different models capable of lifting tens or even hundreds of tons.

Another benefit of hiring a mobile crane is that it can begin lifting almost as soon as it arrives at your job site, whereas a tower crane requires substantial time and labour to assemble. This makes a mobile crane ideal for jobs with a shorter time frame. In fact, the shorter the period of time you are planning to hire a crane for, the more you will save by choosing a mobile crane and reducing set-up costs.

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If you’re looking to hire a mobile crane in the Sydney area, Dixons Crane Service is the only company you need to call. Our fleet of modern and well-maintained cranes are available for hire at very competitive hourly rates, and we can provide qualified and experienced crane operators to ensure your project is completed to your absolute satisfaction. No mobile craning job is too tough for us to handle. Our staff are also fully safety-trained and all of our jobs are covered by a comprehensive site safety plan. Dixons Crane Service is Sydney’s leading crane hire company, and when you choose us to supply cranes, personnel, or other equipment you are assured of the peace of mind that comes from working with industry professionals.

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If you are looking for the most professional crane team to complete your lifting job, or want to support a locally owned and operated crane company in Sydney, call Dixons Crane Service today. Our fully trained and experienced teams are ready to provide you with the first-class service, skilled lifting and efficient workmanship that we have built our reputation on.

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