Small Crane Hire

Do you need to lift something in a tight space that regular cranes just can’t reach? Small cranes can fit everywhere and are perfect for many domestic and commercial construction projects. Keep reading to learn how these little beauties can save you time and money.

What Is Small Crane Hire?

Small cranes are well-suited to many domestic and commercial construction projects where a standard mobile or fixed crane would be too large. Designed to be driven, rigged and operated by a single person, small cranes provide a convenient and low-cost lifting solution for urban environments. They can be hired from crane service companies along with a trained operator.

Benefits of Small Crane Hire

The main advantage of hiring small cranes is their compact size, which minimises disruption on construction sites and allows the cranes to operate effectively indoors and in other confined spaces. The small cranes we have here at Dixons Crane Service range in width from 600mm to 1600mm, meaning they can easily fit through doorways and other narrow apertures which a standard mobile crane could not. They are also extremely lightweight, making them perfect for situations where a crane is required to rest on a suspended slab. In spite of their humble size, small cranes maintain impressive lifting capacities and can shift loads of several tonnes or more.

Another benefit of small cranes is how quickly and easily they can be deployed. Setting up a small crane prior to lifting is very simple and they can typically be operated by a single person. This short and convenient process will save you significantly in both time and labour costs.

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If you’re looking to hire a small crane in Sydney, Dixons Crane Service has got you covered. Our competitively-priced range of small cranes are the perfect solution for all your small lifting needs, and our experienced operators will ensure that your work is completed efficiently and to the highest safety standards. We are also committed to providing fantastic customer service, and our friendly team are available to discuss any questions that you may have. If you’re unsure about whether a small crane is the right choice for your construction job, contact our experts for some free advice or to book a site assessment.

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