Dixons Crane Rental Services

Whether you are an experienced site manager looking for a professional crane crew for a project, or a domestic customer with a new pool to install, Dixons Crane Service is the best equipped and most professional crane rental service serving the Blue Mountains area. We are a locally owned and operated business, who have rapidly developed a reputation for integrity, skill and professionalism. Call our friendly team today to chat about how our team can help you with your lifting and materials handling solutions.

Our Local Operating Crew

When you have a tight schedule, have limited access or on a site with difficult terrain, you want a crane crew who are skilled, efficient and reliable. At Dixons Crane Service, our team is made of only the most professional and experienced crane operators. Safety is our number one priority. With our teams on site, we will make sure your job is handled safely, the lifting material is uncompromised, and the job completed with the least fuss possible.

No matter your lifting job, from backyard installs to large civil projects, our job is to ensure your crane work is conducted efficiently and safely.

Making Your Project Easy

If you have a job that requires power, precision and efficiency, our fleet has a crane that will make meeting your project deadlines easy. For navigating the geography of the Blue mountains or Sydney, our slewing cranes offer the unbeatable balance between mobility, lifting capacity and easy stabilisation. Our crew are experienced operators and have lifted a diverse range of items. Jobs we regularly attend include everything from backyard pool and spa installation, to landscaping materials, site sheds or demountable buildings. We also deal with more heavy duty applications such as tree removal, shipping container manipulation, water tank installations and machinery movement. With every lifting job, our focus remains on personnel safety, item integrity, and ensuring no damage is done to the surrounding environment.

Our Cranes

Every job will have a crane ideal to get the job done right. At Dixons Crane Service, we offer a range of crane sizes, lifting capacities and mobility designed to perfectly suit your project. If you have a difficult to access site, or want a light duty, rapid deployment crane then we have small cranes as a perfect lifting solution. Small cranes are designed to be driven, rigged and operated by a single person, offering lifting power in urban environments or tight spaces.

Full sized mobile cranes are more suitable for a project that demands high lifting capacity and precision lifting. Our all-terrain cranes offer the road safety of a regular truck mounted crane, with the lifted and sealed body you need to get through imperfect sites. Running on all-wheel drive, these cranes can get where others can’t, and have the lifting capacity to get your job done right the first time.

Contact One Of The Premier Crane Companies In Sydney

If you are looking for the most professional crane team to complete your lifting job, or want to support a locally owned and operated crane company in Sydney, call Dixons Crane Service today. Our fully trained and experienced teams are ready to provide you with the first-class service, skilled lifting and efficient workmanship that we have built our reputation on.

For more information call Dixons Crane Service 1300 312 326